Today’s global economy and global public relations make high-quality translation as crucial as ever. Professional translation adds much value to commercial or international relations, brings mutual understanding to parties and enhances trust between partners.

What do we offer?

High-quality, accurate and equivalent translation done only by highly-qualified and experienced translators within the agreed terms. Over the more than 10 years’ professional experience, our timing failures could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

How do we do it?

First of all, we analyse the materials provided for a quote to find out the area(s) of specialization, size of the text and to decide whether any auxiliary services are needed. Then we select specialists with relevant qualification and experience. Ultimately, we select the most reasonable quality/deadline ratio taking into account the client’s budget and timing preferences.

What are our areas of specialization?

As a matter of fact, our areas of interest know no limits, and we have sufficient experience in a very wide range of domains. Here’s a short list of what we usually translate: jurisprudence (law, agreements, incorporation documents, powers of attorney, court cases and related documents etc.), technical assistance (reports, advisory notes, summaries, registration cards etc.), policy framework (decentralization, freedom of speech, fighting corruption, protection of human rights, economic development, public administration, reforms in various areas, migration policy, personal data protection etc.), equipment (user manuals, specifications, terms of reference, feasibility studies, certificates of conformity etc.), IT (localization of user interfaces, user manuals, system descriptions, terms of reference etc.), oil&gas (from extraction to distribution, from technical to legal aspects), medicine (clinical trials, brochures for doctors and patients, leaflets, marketing authorizations, SOPs, certificates of conformity, pharmacovigilance, medical certificates etc.), finance and banking (economics), marketing, creative industries (verses, screenplays, subtitles etc.), transport, environment, agriculture, ecology, energy, business, R&D, education and training, security, defence, industry, construction and so on and so on. Our mission is to provide linguistic support to everyone so we’re always eager to dig into any new topic.

How much do our services cost?

There are different units of measurement for texts (words, slides, pages of 1,000/1,800/1,860/2,000 characters, hours etc.). We’re rather flexible in terms of counting, however, we prefer using 1,800 characters with spaces as our standard translation page.

The cost of our translations depends on many factors, so there’s no one rate to fit all situations. In any case, to get a precise quote, please, send us the documents you’d like to translate using the form below, e-mail or any messenger. We’ll answer you as soon as possible.

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