About us

We are a team of like-minded translation geeks! Over the years of hard but fascinating work, we have learned that our success stands on two strong pillars.

Firstly, we simply enjoy translating. Ah, let’s just face it — we’re MAD about our work! The coolest thing about it is that every new text is another personal or team challenge that inspires to learn, discover, create, improve, grow professionally.

Secondly, we know and respect our clients. So, we always seek to be a good help and support all their efforts.

We believe that the cornerstones of good client management are professionalism and mutual understanding

Confidentiality is another important principle of our work. In the globalized digital world we live today, we truly understand the value of each word!

We started our linguistic journey in 2007 with a somewhat ambitious idea to take professional translation of the EU acquis to the next level as there seemed to be no comprehensive and reasonable approach to this kind of translations in our country. Needless to say, appetite comes with eating, so we couldn’t help trying ourselves in all the new domains as the world has so many fascinating and wonderful things to offer. And we expanded the limits of our expertise ever since — from general (law, business) to much more specialized topics (R&D, technologies, engineering, energy, medicine, pharmaceutics, marketing, quality assurance, finance — the list is huge actually).

Our team is a patchwork of very different personalities. And yet, we are very comfortable with each other because we all share the same vision and values. And sound friendly competition in our office is a good driver of professional growth as well. Our translators are keen professionals. They understand the importance of scrupulous research, observing the client’s requirements and paying attention to smallest details. They also stay on top of the latest technology trends in the area of translation and interpretation. Modern QA and self-control tools help us deliver the best results for our clients — to meet and exceed their expectations.

We provide a wide range of linguistic and auxiliary services to private and corporate clients. Our clients include Ukrainian and foreign nationals, domestic and foreign companies, Ukrainian and international agencies and organizations. We also work as subcontractors for our linguistic partners. Because our most valuable asset is a reliable team of in-house translators of which we are immensely proud.

If you’re looking for a translation company — we are the one. Our mission is to deliver understanding to everyone!

Need a truly good translation? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re working for your good!

over 10 years on the market ¦ always meeting the deadlines and walking the talk
only experienced professionals ¦ client-oriented approach
security of personal data ¦ confidentiality of corporate information